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Thanks ProTour. I am starting to think not enough can be told from the specs of these frames. You have to try them.

My daughter loved her trial of the Donnay strung with Biphase. She hit great and volleyed great....yet looking at its massive swing weight, you would think she would act like she was swinging a log. She swore it was easier for her to handle than a Wilson with a much lower swing weight.

Her Babolat Pure Storm Team GT hits like a wet noodle and she now hates it.
Some of the swing weight numbers are misleading or even incorrect. The original BLX Tour listed on TW at 341 sw was widely used by girls 11yo and older. Now even if your 8yo can play well with a 320 sw racket she may play even better with a comparable racket with a 300 sw. As she is a tournament player now you also need to think what may happen if she gets involved in a 3hr match (and possibly a second match the same day)
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