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Originally Posted by always_crosscourt View Post
Have you tried to hit a high 2hbh vs a high 1hbh?

I guarantee you that you won't even be able to reach as high with a 2hbh as you can with a 1hbh. If you can't even reach as high with a 2hbh with a 1hbh, how is it going to be stronger against a very high ball? And, as I said, even when you do reach it, you have little option but to drive it downwards and flat since you can't brush up on a high ball like you can with a 1hbh.

Now, the 2hbh does have an advantage in that it's easier to co-ordinate yourself to hit the ball on the rise before it gets too high, but the whole point of a 2hbh being better once the ball actually is higher than your ideal contact zone, is a myth.
1hbh has more reach yes which probably means you can reach and hit at a higher height. But practically speaking the extra reach is useless because biomechanically it is such a weak motion when you're stretching all the way up like that.
With the 2hbh you can certainly give heavy topspin on a very high ball by hitting the ball a little later.
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