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Originally Posted by lala28m View Post
....Azarenka, age 13 at the Orange Bowl. Who can me she doesn't have strokes to work on (including serve!). But early tournament play does not seem to have hindered her. (I know you have a boy, so slightly different strategy, etc, ...but the moral of the story remains).
Just did a quick search of Azarenka. She was born on 7/31/89. If she were indeed 13 yr old on that video, she should be playing the 2002 Jr Orange Bowl (for 14s). Would it be possible that she improved so much in one year to reach #54 in the junior ITF in 2003? Then in another two years, she would be ranked #1 in the world by winning Jr Australia Open and Jr US Open.

Maybe she was only 11 in that video. Nevertheless, her coach did an amazing job in improving her games. BTW, she started training in Arizona after she turned 16.

The 3rd link below is an amazing story about her and Slava Konikov, her coach from 8-14. Konikov is Sacramento State men's coach now. Something to learn for girls or boys who also wanted to be #1 in the world?
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