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Default kneetendonitis....

So heres my story, ive been bothered by my left knee for a good 6 months now, and here comes the stupid part, it never hurt so much so i didnt think it was so serious, just thought it would probably go away with a little rest. So finally we were going on vacation for almost 2 months, so i thought ok great il rest for a few weeks initially and then im gone play tennis again. So i rest for a few weeks, but nothing has changed of course, thats when it starts to dawn on me that all this time ive been stupid not going to a doctor. Were in El Salvador right now, my wife is from here, so i go and see a doctor here, he gives me some anti inflammatory pills to take for a few days and a gel to apply to the knee, and when i see him i also find out what i have, kneetendonitis. I should explain that this is an injury that i didnt get from playing tennis, however if i hadnt played tennis all the time it probably would have gone away by itself after a few weeks, or i might not even have noticed it was there, when im not doing anything in particular i dont have any pain. So as soon as the pills where over i could feel that there was not differense what so ever. So i was supposed to see the doctor again, but things happened and its not gone work out to see him again, now were leaving from here in a weeks time, but were goind to new jersey, which means im not gone be back home to sweden where i live until the 27th to find a doctor where i live. I dont want to wait that long without doing anything, im dying to start playing tennis again, and just want to get rid of this thats been bothering me for so long, anyone has some good tips on what to do. Right now im trying to massage the knee twice a day, dont know if its any good to be honest but i have to do something. Thanks/Arvid
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