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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
i agree. but according to you then, those tournament stringers who turn around nadal's frame in 13min are not doing a good job then right? fast time does not mean it sacrifice quality.
There's absolutely nothing in my post that implies that. I was merely discussing what the certification test does and doesn't do--my sole point was that speeding through a string job is not what the USRSA is attempting to test. I was not comparing pro tournament stringers at all since it really is not topical. Of course, experienced tournament stringers who can turn around a frame in such a time do a good job--but then again they are all very experienced stringers who have already mastered the quality job and through experience can do it quickly. You are quite right, a fast time does not necessarily sacrifice quality but that is really only generally true for the top notch experienced stringers--not the average applicant taking the certification test.
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