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PS I think we should keep our hopes up because the static weight and SW have both increased therefore it must mean a much more stable and solid feel. On another note I took out the Blades for a hit and I found that the 18/20 is the one I prefer more, but I just don't know if its a racquet I would switch to. I think I want to test the Speed and then compare the two.
I will give the new Speed a shot anyways because I am a racket junkie and hope that it plays better than the IG version which was better than the Youtek version but still not as solid as the PSTGT.

I haven't had a chance to try the Blade 18x20 but I am starting to get use to the 16x19 so I might just stick with that. I love everything about the 16x19 and will give it some more time to see if I can adjust. I just love how solid it feels and the generous sweet spot on it though slices are not as effective as the PSTGT. I will take both out for a test this weekend with both string up with the same string setup to get a better comparison.
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