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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
I think I am down to these choices:
Dunlop 200G
VCore 95d
Pro One 97
I missed your other post so I'm not sure of the exact specs you are after but they sound similar to mine. Interestingly I have played with all of these and have a Rebel 98 on the way.

Usual stick for me is an underspec PST. Among the dozens of frames I have tinkered with a slightly underspec Pro One is the current front runner. My 200G was over spec in weight, balance and sw, so trying to get to my preferred specs didnt really work out. Nice racquet, slightly stiffer than the Pro One, less power and less weight of shot.

The 95d is a little stiffer, a touch less powerful than the 200G, great on serve, okay for spin but the big issue for me was the narrow sweet spot. I found it not torsionally stable enough for my liking.

I'm also tinkering with XP Dual, but that definitely needs the slide weights at 3 and 9 for me, plus some weight on the handle. The Gold 99 is also a good option, but I generally don't like oval shape racquets, due to their more narrow sweetspots.

One more to check out is the Yonex EZ Xi 98. I think this is a good candidate as it is solid, comfortable and gives decent weight of shot and spin.
Ai 98, Vcore Xi 98, PS 97 (shoot out)

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