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Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post
There's already a 'College Football 2012' thread...but you'd rather go the d-bag flame route. Then again, what would you bring to the 'College Football 2012' table? Nothing. Enjoy your fluke "big win" over Nevada?

Our football team sucks. I am fully aware of that. Did I ever say we were good? No. Our team is in the dumps and bringing RichRod is with merit, but I don't like it as a direction in which our program is going because it means we're spending tons of money we don't have to appease him and grant his every wish, including dropping 10 million on a new scoreboard, some 35 million on a new facility that's taken the student recreation field away from the students and handed to the football program, AFTER they took over the old baseball stadium and didn't give it to the students as a recreation field like they said they would. All this is being funded by the school jacking up tuition by an additional 5k a semester, which is absurd. All of this is being done in the name of turning our school from a basketball school into a football school, which is stupid because you just can't do those kinds of things overnight, especially when your basketball team has a history and a national title under it's belt and the football team has absolutely nothing of note. We're not a football school. We were never a football school. We will never be a football school. And I'm happy with that.

We deserved to loose to Nevada and we should have. I'm not defending our team. If I was, do you really think I'd be bashing our coach and program?


Who are you to flame Mr. Port Chester posing as Greenwich?

Si habla that
I went to Greenwich High School, Western Middle School and Glenville Elementary. My house is literally on the border between the two towns. Mailbox is in Port Chester and the house is in Greenwich. We pay taxes to CT although I had the option of attending school in Rye Brook (I'm not Jewish so I took a pass on that). Would you like me to email you my address so you can go check on Google maps to confirm what I said? As far as I'm concerned, I'm all Greenwich, I just tell folks I'm not from there when there's banter against the proverbial 1%, because there are tons of folks who automatically assume that being from Greenwich means I'm in the 1% and a trust fund baby who drives a Beamer. I'm as far from the Greenwich stereotype as one can get whilst still being white, not in poverty and decently educated.

And I'm not hating on ND either, I'm just pointing a few things out. For what it's worth, a good friend of mine's brother played for them. My close circle of friends when I studied abroad were all from Notre Dame, and they looked after me as if I was their younger brother, something for which I will always be grateful for. I have a ton of respect for their institution. Did I think their football team was overrated? Absolutely, and now it's in plain sight that they were.

My bump was a joke. It's obvious you're still reeling over the fact that your favorite pro team stupidly decided to keep that fat oaf of a head coach, which was the reason they sucked this year.
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