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Originally Posted by mrmo1115 View Post
As will I. I'm just having some more trouble with the PSTGT lately with whipping it through the contact zone on balls that are high or short. I don't know why now all of a sudden, but I think I'm going to try to aim for a racquet that might be a bit lighter statically.

I have both the Blade 18/20 and 16/19 and both aren't flooring me. Maybe I need some more time with them, but my demo time has run out I also had these 2 in multifilament strings so maybe I'll try to demo both of these again in a polyester setup. The 16/19 unfortunately popped on me on a shank so we'll see if I want to ask for another week with it.

Let me know how your comparison between 18/20 and 16/19 goes PS
You might be coming to terms that you might need a lighter racquet. I have been swapping between TGK 260.2, PSTGT, and the Blade, and I think my arm is confused. I know I should stop messing around wtih all these racquets and just concentrate on one but it's so much fun trying out all these racquets.

I don't think I will try out the 18x20 given that I am starting to figure out the 16x19 and I never liked a 18x20 but I will definitely test out the difference between the PSTGT and Blade 98. My hitting partner say I hit a heavier ball using the PSTGT but I starting to love how the Blade 98 feels.

I hope TW professor puts up the stats on the Head Speed 2013 Graphene so at least I can compare how it performs against the other racquets.
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