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Originally Posted by BirdWalkR View Post
Yeah I agree with you. I've probably got an extra five or ten pounds of fat that I'm gonna turn into muscle hopefully. Footspeed and footwoork is def something I'm gonna focus on along with endurance since I can't usually blow guys off the court with power.

Eh didn't do so well first semester... (too much goofing off) I'm hoping to do alot better this semester and have a decent GPA and apply right after second semester.
Trust me, you seem like a smart guy, so you should be fine. They say that the first semester is the most important of your academic career. I have found this NOT to be true. Admissions people and coaches are not stupid. They realize that the shift from high school to college can be enormous (especially in very demanding first year programs designed to weed you out). If you have the tenacity to improve your grades and do so, then that's really all that matters.
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