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On the OP's post, I had the same experience with my son when he was 7/8. He could hit groundies pretty well, but couldn't serve. Dabbled in a few tournaments and he would DF 2 points each game, sometimes more. When he played a kid who could get the serve in, he would win some return games but lose all service games. Confidence shot. When he played another kid who couldn't serve is was like watching grass grow. No fun - didn't like tournaments.

So, I stepped away from tournaments and taught him a proper serve - which took a year, and in the mean time trained, found some good groups and he played on a club team, which he enjoyed.

Now, at 10 1/2, we are venturing back into tournaments (12U) and he's doing well. He's confident in his serve which in turn makes him confident in the rest of his game. Most importantly, he's now having fun and wants to compete more.
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