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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
It's fun to watch Groth. That guy destroys the ball with his brutal looking serve. His record serve was measured at 263kph (163.4mph).

Even more than Roddick, he's a big guy, 6'4" and weighing more than 200lbs, with unorthodox looking technique. It is interesting to note he gets extreme hip rotation into the serve (in my estimation - more than Roddick), launches his weight far into the court, and has a quick motion (no standing around in trophy pose).

We can say that being taller helps with hitting the serve hard and especially finding angles. Having good jumping ability also makes a difference. But in my personal observation on some of the rec courts of Southern California, the biggest issue is poor form.
So crazy! I agree, he gets insane rotation though. Just stupid amounts of free power.

The height thing is a factor, but not so much at the rec level IMO. Technique definitely plays a huge role in how much power you get.

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