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Originally Posted by Francis27 View Post
^ Thanks i might use babolat gut. Anyone know the most durable babolat gut and tension hold? And does natural gut move a lot?
No, nat gut moves more or less depending on tension. However, once it moves it has difficulty snapping back into position. This is why there is extensive talk about players using silicone spray on gut (candle wax back in the 70s-80s). This little device makes QUICK work of straightening your strings:

I have 2 Babolat PD2012s. The first is strung at 62# with 17G Babolat VS gut with BT7 (BT7 is a coating that is supposed to make the gut last longer. Many say it makes the gut feel stiffer than the original non-BT7 gut). The second is strung at 62# with 17G Babolat natural gut (Non-BT7... supposedly still made for Wilson by Babolat... aka "original formula VS gut"). I'm not sure which I like best. They are both very good. Tension loss with nat gut is among the least of all types of string. My experience is about a 8-10% loss over the first few weeks then it greatly stabilizes pretty much until it breaks. Never looses feel. The RacketTune app on a smartphone can be very useful in tracking tension loss.

IMO, nat gut offers great value for both your arm and wallet (considering you should/will replace other types of string 2-4x within the same period that gut is in your racquet). Use a 16G (or even a 15G) nat gut if you want it to last even longer (more durable).

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