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Courier had a HUGE return of serve when he was at his peak. He would crush backhand winners left and right. His backhand was also a weapon when in the rallys.

Try to find some footage of the 93 Ausie Open and you will see Couriers backhand in at its peak.

By 95 he had lost a lot of confidence in the shot and it was downhill from there. When Courier was confident he was a top 5 player. When he wasnt he was an outside the top 100 type player. Tough for him to win when he wasnt feeling it.

This comes from a big Courier fan by the way. Jim was a pretty big overachiever in the end. A bit one dimensional but a tough fighter and very quick athlete. He probably could have played a lot of different sports at the professional level if he didnt go with tennis. The guy was a classic jock.

I still watch a lot of his old matches among other favorites of mine. His rivaly with Edberg is one of my favorites. Edberg struggled with Jims intensity big time. Another pure S&V Patrick Rafter owned Jim.
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