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Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
Take note, guys.
Chicago Jack may well be right in his pinched nerve diagnosis.
Numbness and tingling are probably not due to equipment.
Well... that's not *quite* what I'm saying. I developed a really nasty case Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow), my first ever, in my 30+ years on the court this past summer. This occurred shortly after experimenting with full beds of poly and then switching to a 2012 PD+. The tingling in the hands that the OP is feeling was my very first symptom, I felt that for a few weeks, followed by the classic TE symptoms of soreness around the upper forearm near the elbow.

While I do see clear correlation with my own, and BruceD's equipment choices, (you'd have to be living under a rock somewhere not to see the correlation btwn stiff racquets, stiff strings, and arm issues) it's only part of the picture. I'm just focusing on explaining what is going on with the tingling, because that sensation, when it occurs, can be pretty alarming if you don't know what the heck is going on. It's also what there is to do first, get the inflammation and tingling under control.

As described in greater detail in my previous post, tingling in the lower limbs is symptomatic of the "double crush" where nerves are entrapped in at least two locations. The cause of the entrapment is inflammation.The cause of the inflammation, is some underlying hard or soft tissue problems (again in at least two locations). Turns out I have a little disc bulge in my C2 - C3 disk area, causing a little nerve compression there. That in itself, wasn't a tingling issue until I got the classic TE trouble as well. But it could be any two locations, shoulder + tricep, whatever.

There was a guy in the 2012 Babolat PD club when I was hanging in there that had the same tingling in his hands, he took it easy for a few days, iced it up, switched out to a soft multi and was back to playing in a week. Me on the other hand, I'm back to competing on 4 teams per season and 90% recovered. But only after battling it out for 9 months with acupuncture, deep tissue release, icing daily, diet change, racquet change, string change, and lots and lots of physical therapy and yoga. But hey, I got a really effing sweet racquet out of the deal. I would have never gone shopping for a Donnay frame had this not occurred.

If the rest and ice (never more than 10 minutes per hour, but as many hours as possible in the day) does not end the tingling sensation after a few days, Bruce should def go see his Doc, if he hasn't already made plans to do so.

- Jack
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