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LOL, you misunderstood this. Two points: I qualified the stage of BJK's career, because its the stage I could witness. I have not seen much early or mid career tape. So actually I am qualifying my knowledge base not Rosewall. King could have been as strategically immature as anyone at 20 yrs for all I know.

IMO,The 'veteran' BJK was a tactical genius. She got slower, less patient, and less flexible, but BKJ got nothing but smarter and smarter. On the aspects of comparison I was trying to reach, honestly there aren't many higher compliments I can offer. I hold the veteran King's court sense, anticipation and tactical acumen in very high regard, as I do Rosewall. She had the same knack of being where she ought to be, and choosing the right shot at the right time against the right opponent that he seemed to.
BTURNER, That sounds good.
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