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iīll give it a try.
i like the challenge, as it makes me think what it is i want to achieve.
this is from a coaches standpoint, working with kids of different talents and ambition.

the following points are maybe the foundation that i like to lay, on which they can build their game and not be limited in their development

1 technical foundation which include the right grips for every stroke and
biomechanically sound strokes that donīt lead to injuries
2 tactical understanding of tennis as a game
3 movement, with priorities on balance and efficiency, and also the tactical
side of where to move
4 mental aspects of the game, which cover a wide area. from the ability to
handle pressure to the ability to handle your opponents. how to deal with
bad days, and so on
5 athletic development. again a wide area, which covers everything from
cross-training in other ball sports to develop additional coordination
abilities, to injury prevention and so on

of course there is another way of answering your question.
i could say, i want them to

1 have an efficient first serve with a high percentage
2 reliable second serve with the ability to hit with different spins and reliable
3 return consistently and attack weak second serves
4 be able to rally consistently and adapt to the playing style of their
5 be able to finish a point in different ways

long post. i intend to come back to add or substract. in other words, itīs a work in progress
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