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my non-pro, non-coach, non-world class, non-conformist list of 5:

- 2nd serve with good enough placement, spin and pace (in that order) to use tactically, i.e. take opponent out wide, hit high to their backhand or keep them guessing.
- Well developed topspin backhand. Most players will attack the backhand. Having a weapon backhand means that you will win tactically as their strategies break down. This also helps with return of serve %.
- Bouncy* footwork when your opponent strikes the ball
- Going back to the T** type positioning after strokes
- inside-out drop shot that spins off-court from both wings.

Rationale: These skills neutralise most of the cookie cutter baseline attack the backhand tactics that I see and will help players develop an all-court game imo. What do you guys think? I have 4 out of the 5 so far, for my level, working on my serve.

* this is the appropriate scientific terminology.. trust me.
** the tennis equivalent of the squash positioning, neutralising angles of attack forcing your opponent to hit lower % shots, or give you a juicy ball in your strike zone.
Disclaimer: I'm NOT a coach...
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