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Originally Posted by Tanya View Post
Oh please...Ivanovic has shown brief signs of life every year since she fell off the map only to be forgotten again when she can't come up with the goods. This year should be no different.
Originally Posted by Doublebounce View Post
Ana is completely finished. She will never get back to the top of her game. Her mental strength will never be able to recover. Even if she can somehow manage to get back into the top 10, she won't be able to win close matches or be able to deal with the pressure.
Ah good - the Crystal Ball Brigade are here to tell us what will happen so we don't actually have to watch the tennis

Joking aside - I'm just saying it'll be interesting to see how Ana does now she has come out and said she's actually with her coach. Not predicting the Phoenix will rise again, but we'll see.
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