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Just had a hit tonight. Still lacking torsional stability. Think I might try 3 grams each at 9 and 3 instead of the 3gram total at 10 and 2. The racquet swung lighter than the diablo so I got more leeway to add mass to the hoop to make it more head heavy and stable. My muscular memory seemed programmed to the swing of the diablo so I wasn't hitting as cleanly. Unusually I was sending balls in the bottom half of the net (which rarely happens). However, the changes to the exo tour really brought out my backhand slice - low, deep, skidding, consistent. I started to use it exclusively on the backhand side which really unsettled my hitting partner. Nevertheless, the mod advice was a really good starting point.
Prince Response 97 - With 1.5 grams at 3 and 9 each.
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