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My gut instinct is that that they are obvious fakes. For one thing, the handles don't look right at all. They should have Head pallets or, if unpalleted, Head cores. As well, the labels look phony as hell.

A real PT57E should be like a Head Pro Tour 280/630 with a slightly stiffer flex.
What do they weigh? What is the string pattern? What kind of grommets do they have. etc?

From the weight on the stickers, the unstrung weight is slightly under 9 ounces? So maybe, almost 11 ounces strung and with a grip? Seems sort of light for a pro frame. That is not as damning as the handles IMHO as a pro stock racket could be made light in anticipation of weight being added during customization.

Where did you buy them? How much did you pay? Did you buy from a reputable seller or out of some guy's trunk in Times Square? Or, from one of those Chinese websites that sell knockoffs?

Those look like typical Chinese knockoffs IMHO. Make sure to wear your "Rolex" when you hit with them and keep them stored in your "Louis Vuitton" tennis bag at all times.

I guess these counterfeiting aholes must do a little research on what rackets sell for a premium. Buyer beware.

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