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Originally Posted by ten11 View Post
That 3 Chinese characters means "player racket".
I thought they meant, "So Sorry, you have been suckered"

Be very careful who you buy from.

Sal, if you conclude they are fakes, if possible, take them back where you bought them and if they don't refund you, tell them you will be filing police and FBI reports against them for fraud. If you bought them online from the PRC or Hong Kong, you are probably SOL (not SAL.) Good luck!

Now, if you like the rackets, fake or not, and you didn't shell out ridiculous prices for supposedly pro stock frames, you could always keep them.

I have noticed a lot of sellers on the auction site are using the term pro stock rather loosely. If it wasn't a racket made for a pro, it isn't pro stock IMHO.

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