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Originally Posted by ten11 View Post
why don't you post few more pictures to show butt cap, throat area, side where cap ends? I am not that an expert but there are plenty and we might able to find a trace or two in there.
More importantly, where did you get it? If you get from a player directly, then you know it is real. I did get a pair from a guy, it is unmarked. After the deal, I look-up his name from shipping box in google and hit atp site. The guy is an active atp player.
My new return address is going to be Guga, 100 Main St, Anytown, USA.

Anyone can put any name as a return address. It seems odd that an ATP player is selling his rackets online. That doesn't seem to happen very much.

The racket itself is the proof. It is pretty easy to spot a fake unless they are extremely well made which is very rare. If there is a clear chain of custody between the buyer and an ATP player or a known customizer like P1 or RPNY then the buyer can be fairly certain the rackets are the real deal.

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