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Default new stringer confusion

Hi all...

I just picked up a used Klippermate - about 8 string jobs used - $50. I couldn't resist even though I only break strings maybe once a month.

Anyway, gonna do my first job on an old Head Ti.S6 - with cheap strings that came with the machine and it's an old racquet I hardly ever use.
Started reading everything I could find about stringing and think maybe ready to give it a go, but....

I look at patterns for the racquet and see different pattern than what is shown in the Klippermate stringing guide.

e.g. Klippermate Stringforum
tie main: 9B, 7T 5H, 7T Assume B means same as H for head???
start cross 7T 8H

Maybe more diffs, but this is enuf to confuse me.
Am I reading this wrong?

Guess I'll go by Sports Authority and look at a pre-strung racquet to figure it out.

PS, does the "Stringer's Digest" show pics of the patterns?
I'll only have 3 different racquets to string: Prince POG OS, Blade 98, Wilson K zero.

Thanks for any clarification.

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