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Default Musburger/Kathrine Webb Backlash (More reason to hate ESPN)

Exactly who is it that is getting their panties knotted up by Brent Musburger's complimentary comments about Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb during Monday night's game?

The "Boo-Yah!" Network (ESPN) has issued a statement saying Musburger "went too far" with his comments about Webb.

What hypocrites. Does Musburger direct the cameras during the broadcast? Why did ESPN keep showing Webb during the broadcast? I think if ESPN wanted to go the pansy PC rout they should have taken the blame as a network and not hung Musburger out on his own.

Musburger said, in a more home-spun G rated version, what everybody who I watched the game with was saying or thinking. The sujbject, Ms. Webb was not offended at all. Were you? If so, after playing in traffic on the nearest interstate highway, come back and please tell us why.
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