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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I hit with the DM last night to try and break out of a slump I'm having. The plan did not work but I tore up the DM enough that it was ready to break. So I cut it out and put in Gamma Pro. It was another string that was super easy to install. Feels like a lot of other multis just bouncing balls off of it.

I cut my sets of Ashaway Dynamite Tough 16. I'm very curious to try this one out. Not only does it have the gluey smell that I adore, but it is VERY rough. It seems like rough strings and profiled strings get more spin, so I'm hoping this one puts some good action on the ball. If I did not know better, I'd think this string is a soft poly. It is kind of wiry like Head RIP Control but seems like it will be easier to work with than RIP.
Gamma Pro is a joy to string. I wouldn't call myself a super fast stringer, but last week, I needed to get one of mine strung quickly, and including removing old strings, mounting, stringing, and unmounting, I was 19 min with Gamma Pro.

What tension did you string it at? You using the 16g?
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