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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
That's awesome. Yeah I used the heck out of the 4D before I wrecked my bike and it's weight was too hard on my wrist. Only weakness for me was on serve. I just get more pace with the Blade. But if I ever wanted to go heavy again, I could mod the Blade to the specs of the 4D pretty easily. The 4D is a total steal, especially if you want a tour frame like a TGK or PT57. It feels like butter.

I need to restring my Mfil today if I have time with syn gut or a multi again. I played the 4d with full syn gut rather often at around 58#s. The reason you can pull this off is because it is a low powered stick, so you don't have to tame the power with poly unless you want to. Obviously a hybrid works as well.
You and the TW reviewers are right about the low power. Thats when I thought that it will be perfect with my full bed of gut and so it did.
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