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Originally Posted by lala28m View Post
That moving target is keeping me dizzy.
The premise is... Should kids with flawed techniques (serves, etc) continue to play in tournaments or will winning tournaments with the flawed techniques hinder future performance?
Who cares what the crazy parents project. It's the kids performance and results that we are discussing, correct?
My stance is, one flawed part of a game, at a young age, coupled with other good aspects does NOT rule out future success. And it does not warrant pulling kids out of tournaments for a year plus. That seems silly. You can fix flawed strokes etc, while continuing to compete.
Azerenka YouTube video, Exhibit #1. (Yes, I see her serve is flawed here. But she is 13. She continued to compete... and improve.)
Wrong, AD's serve is just totally BAD. Her service motion is similar to those kids/adults that play just for fun. If her aspirations are to play pro tennis, then her coach must correct it NOW.

As for Azarenka's serve, (at 13 yrs) it is fundamentally correct.
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