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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
^^^Yeah, Lewis is Teflon Man...even his teammate, Jamaal Lewis, got hammered harder for lending his cellphone to drug conspirators.

krz, your thoughts on the Marrone hire...lower profile than expected but a real strong personality to gather the locker room around and some pedigree in coaching an O-line to greatness in front of my Jet fave, Curtis Martin. I'm wishing Woodhead Johnson had dumped Wrecks Ryan in favor of a Marrone type...someone who has a clue what an offense should look like.
Can't say I'm dissapointed, I'm just happy we aren't hiring senior citizens anymore. He had a .500 record at cuse but, in his defense they had no talent when he got there and he completely turned that program around. And I agree that he has a strong personality to lead the team, I honestly felt like Chan Failey lost the players half way through this season.

I'm also happy we didn't go with a retread like Whiz, Jon Gruden. They won superbowls but, I feel we need someone new and fresh. We also just signed Pettine DC from the Jets.

We ran a 3-4 2 years ago and switched to a 4-3 this year. Question is will Pettine bring back the 3-4? Either way it's hard to get worse than that vanilla D Wanndstedt was running. I also wonder... and you probably know better than I do, who really ran the Jets D Pettine or Rex?

I feel like we are making moves and actually trying to win now. But, being a Bills fan we know better than anyone not to get excited, every year they find a different way to disappoint their fans. The way Gailey was utilizing Spiller this year was infuriating, everyone except knew what was wrong except Gailey. Heck, he probably knew he was just too stubborn to admit it.
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