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Originally Posted by mrj1813 View Post
Not to be argumentative, but what exactly is a "flawed" stroke vs an "unflawed" stroke? So many professionals on both the men's and women's tour have VASTLY different service motions that I don't get sometimes when someone says someone's serve is flawed. It's not like there is one way to do it. Different stances, ball toss height, grips, knee bend depth, back bending, torso turning, racket up with the ball toss, racket down with the ball toss(serena), hitches, etc etc.

My point is that as a longtime lurker here on the tw boards, I constantly see people pointing out flaws in other's strokes. Maybe they just hit it a little different and it works for them. Thank the lord we all don't hit the ball the same way.

Of course i agree that her jumping around during the motion is not good at all and she obviously fixed it, but compared to say....federer, aren't all of our serves flawed? I wonder what the comments of McEnroe's serve would have been when he was 13. Uglier than sin but it worked for him.

I vote keep playing the tournaments.
(if your talking about AD)

No one who plays competitive tennis (juniors, college & pros) use a forehand grip to serve.

Any competent coach should be embarrassed to have their student using a forehand grip for serving.
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