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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
I never get this school of thought of laughing at people who tried to correct strokes. what would you do as a coach? Teach all the kids the proper fundamentals, or simply let each kid hit every stroke any way they want to?

I am always curious when people bring up the fact a Shawn Marion made it in the NBA with an ugly jump shot.

Does this mean coaches should simply stop teaching or correcting technique because 1 out of 10000 talents can make it even with bad strokes?

So people mentioned Bartoli's flaws and suggested correcting them and she made it anyway. How about the thousands of others who never reached their tennis potential because they did not correct the flaws?
In Bartoli's case, it doesn't appear that her unique strokes/serving stance, etc are "flaws" but rather the way her father designed them (for specific purposes) and they apparently work well for her.
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