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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
That sounds like the WTA to me for the most part, and even lower ATP to a pt; but top 50-50 ATP?? Not a chance.
The tactics and strategy are somewhat subtle and easy to miss by most, but
with insight, you can realize how much goes into being consistent with those
aggressive rally shots and executing on the opportunities to finish.
Yes, this is technique to an extent, but also heavy in tactics due to targeting,
setup and understanding the court.
I am not talking about consistency of the strokes. I am saying the opposite - it is the strokes that seem to matter 99%, with 1% for strategy. I don't consider moving forward and finishing off a short ball to be strategy - it is so obvious.

I am talking about things like Fed has mentioned like how he changed his strategy in the second set to go more after the backhand, or to draw the opponent closer to the net, or decided to go after the more powerful wing of the opponent instead of the weaker one, etc. I think most of the pros do nothing like this. They seem to rely on their strokes and basic instinct only. That is plan A and no plan B.
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