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Originally Posted by sstchur View Post
If I'm not mistaken, I think I've seen two posts now where you've said that Gamma clamps look like Prince clamps.

Just FYI: Gamma updated the clamps on their 6004, 5800, and 8800. I have both sets of clamps (from the older 6004, and from a newer 8800).

They are similar, but the newer ones (the ones you say look like Prince) are a little nicer. The wheel is flush with the clamp so stays out of the way more, and the clamp are a little bit lighter in feel, and they have a better feel when closing them as well. They also have a rubber padding on the handle which is nice on the hands. It's a nice update.
I have the Dual Clamps, very similar to the current Prince 1500/5000/6000 clamps. I don't know if Gamma is using the same clamps, but they look very similar.

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