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I already had ten 200G's of differing vintages, but the other day someone at my club gave me another couple, one the original black and the other the teal. They were her old racquets from years ago, but still in very acceptable condition.

I'm now playing with the teal one. Originally I wanted to use it occasionally just to improve my technique, but I've now got so addicted to the feel of it, I'm using it all the time.

It weighs 373 grammes, same as my mint (as in perfect graphics) black one. They do seem to vary a bit in weight, but I hadn't noticed any appreciable difference as between the standard and pro models.

I look around at the other members of my club, playing with 10 oz (or even lighter) frames and can't imagine playing with such light frames - horrible. I like to let the racquet do the work, rather than my arm.
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