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Default FS/FT Yonex, Head Prestige, Wilson Pro Staff PS 85s, Dunlop 200G, Kneissl White Star

Rackets for sale again. I have been experimenting with/collecting rackets and I have some rackets that are now available for sale. For pictures please email oorange614 @ gmail . com (2 Os in oorange). I have pictures of all of the rackets on my phone so I will respond ASAP. All prices include shipping to the CONUS and all prices are negotiable especially when combining rackets. I also have many bumper guards for sale (Please see other thread) that you can purchase and will ship free with a racket. I use the TW rating scale for all rackets The scale can be pretty harsh so many are happily surprised when they see pictures of the rackets.

Rating system found here:

1. 2x Yonex RDS 001 Mid 90 - 1/2 Grip 7.5/10 $130 OBO
These two rackets are all in good condition and the serial number are within 53 of each other as follows: 7373848, 7373876. The rackets have brand new Gamma Leather Grips (I put them on myself) with a Wilson Pro Overgrip and are strung with Solinco mains and Wilson Stamina crosses. These were my main playing sticks until I discovered some sticks that I enjoyed more. Because the serial numbers are so close I would like to sell together but may consider splitting them up. Strung Lead Tape at top 368g 11pts HL

2. Head LiquidMetal LM Prestige Mid – 3/8 Grip 8.5/10 $80 OBO
This was another racket that I have played with recently. Has new Babolat Syntec Grip under overgrip. Haven’t liked it thus far, I may give it another go but here it is anyways. Strung 348g 8pts HL

3. Wilson Pro Staff PS 85 Chicago – 1/2 Grip Bumperless 6/10 $100 OBO
This racket has the butt cap code GUI on bottom, 65-70lbs. tension sticker, and midsize on both sides which identifies it as one of the Chicago made rackets that were before the St. Vicnents. Racket has a leather grip but it is worn to the point where I cannot read any maker. Racket has the bumperless construction but is not as worn as the St. Vincent. Strung 359g 9pts HL (has string-a-lings that increase weight)

4. Wilson Pro Staff PS 85 Stars n Stripes – 1/2 Grip 7.5/10 $100 OBO
This racket has a nearly new Prince Calfskin grip. Unfortunately, I found what looked like a crack towards the bottom of the hoop. The good news is I found it when replacing the grommets so it has brand new bumper and grommets. The crack is across a grommet hole and it did not go all the way through when I was replacing the grommets so it is likely just paint. Strung 362g 14pts HL.

5. Dunlop Max200G – 1/2 Grip 5.5/10 $60 OBO
The racket is the bumperless model so there is wear on the graphite on the top of the racket. However, in no place is it close to completely wearing through and the racket is very much in playing condition. The racket also has (what I am assuming is the original) dark brown fairway leather grip! I think this is one from 1988 going by this post. This racket also comes with the case! Strung 355g 8pts HL

6. Kneissl White Star Pro Masters – 3/8 Grip 5/10 $50 OBO
This was just a racket I had read about and was included in a trade. It was fun to play with a few times but isn’t what I am colleting and not something I would play with regularly. It does have a crack that runs through one side of the throat. It does not go all the way through and does not make weird sounds or vibrations. Strung 364g 2pts HL.

7. Head Graphite Pro Master – 5/8 Grip 8/10 $30
I was going to use this racket to feed balls at the club but it was a little too heavy for that. It has a great feel but I prefer to use rackets that are midsize. Comes with case.

Special Bundle: Rackets 5, 6, 7 all for $100. Also check out my grommets as they will ship free if you purchase a racket.

I also have a Wilson KFactor Tour racket bag. It is probably a 6-pack with two main compartments and is black and gold in color. $20 with any racket purchase
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