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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
Suresh you always go back to physics. I'm sure even your messiah "neo" aka john yandel does not use exact scientific language to express all tennis to his students. When neo says to his junior player try to extend the fh out a little bit more for more pace and hit it on the rise. Does he quantify the instruction by adding the extention is on a curve and the arc of the curve is ... etc. ... ? No. He just says extend a bit more into the shot. Your hung up on words and descriptions that do not need a exact computer modeled simulation. Its tennis. Your lack of tennis knowledge is so huge as shown by other posters here. And your ignorance and persistent posting of lame brained observations wear people out.
Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
You have to realise suresh has no working knowledge of playing tennis. I would pay money to see how he hits a tennis ball.
Why don't you tell me what I said wrong, and we can discuss that? I stand by every thing that I said. There was a complete misrepresentation of a work done by a respected coach which contradicted totally what was claimed here, and I pointed to the original video.

I think you have nothing to contribute, so you just pick one side or another and enjoy the show.

People like you don't allow Oscar and others to have a discussion and get these threads deleted. I never heard back from Oscar - only from a bunch of others who would have probably believed the numbers if I had not found the video.
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