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^^^The first two years of Wrecks' watch was really an easy transition from his role as DC @ Baltimore...he had Scott and Leonhard to run things right on the field. Then they dumped Leonhard due to season-ending injuries and Scott started aging so the "D" was more in Pettine's hands...good at times but vulnerable to home-run plays, both rushing and passing.

Pettine will be a better fit in Buffalo than Wannstedt and I think he'll know better how to scheme for the talents he will manage...your secondary is strong enough to allow some "exotics" in the game-plan. Look for Mario to be a little more "super"!

Re: Spiller usage...don't expect Marrone to ignore his talent but he is more of a power-oriented, zone blocking kind of devotee. Jackson, if he is healthy, deserves and will get the bean between the tackles to keep a balance and, hopefully, set up CJ for the long ball.
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