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lots of strategy on ATP and WTA.

Watch Fed hit short, low slice to Djoko and Del Po because they don't like and their reply usually let's him run around and hit FH.

Fed will also use a lot more drop shots against Del Po and Berdych than quicker better movers.

Watch Fed hit BH up the line against Rafa to tempt Rafa to go CC into the open court which is Fed's FH. Watch Rafa not take the bait and go back the line BH to BH to stay on Fed's BH. A couple of years ago when Fed beat Rafa in Madrid, Fed used this almost to perfection as he hit a ton of very deep BHs up the line to Rafa BH and then took control off Rafa's reply.

Rafa will take pace off the 1st serve to get more in and avoid laying in his weaker 2nd serve.

Rafa tries to step in and take the ball earlier at Wimby, but when Rafa lost to Djoko a couple of years ago, Rafa dropped back in the 3rd set and played that set like a clay court match. He was well back behind the baseline and it took Djoko a long time to figure it out. Way too long in my view.

Almost all the ATP pros will occasionally hit a 1st serve kick wide in the ad court to open up the FH side.

Also, strategy is not always go to the BH. Soderling had pretty good success going flat and hard to Rafa's FH which resulted in a short loopy ball fairly frequently.

Also, Li Na and Sharapova have relative FH weaknesses and many will play their FH side.

Murray hit lots of slices in the USO final against Djoko because Djoko was handling the pace better than the soft stuff in the wind.

These are just a few things I see but I am sure there are a lot more.

Tons of strategy and tactics at pro level.

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