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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
JS was not part of PD, he lived at home in Kansas and trained with a private his whole junior career. He has of course received some assistance both before an after turning pro, as has Deit, but he is not a good example of USTA HP wasting money, in fact he is the poster child for why USTA HP PD is an unecessary waste, he's arguably the best American prospect(aside from DB of course ) and PD had almost nothing to do with it.
true that .. most PD kids ended up going to D1 college program .. so everyone doing USTA tournaments are footing the bill for PD to send a few selected kids to play college tennis...
I like to see what kind of degrees and jobs these kids get after their college tennis career is over... I'm betting teaching tennis somewhere...
great system ...
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