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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
Men as they get older are less concerned about what other people think of their remarks. Musburger is 73. Any corporation, including ESPN, would distance themselves from his remarks, which were unnecessary and a little juvenile.
And the result of uninhibited commentary is not necessarily a bad thing. If ESPN is the type of corporation to distance themselves from those type of comments, then they should have thought about distancing themselves from repeated shots of Ms. Webb in the stands. They became juvinile after the second shot, no?; and they were totally unnecessary. What would be left of the broadcast if all of the "unnecessary" content were removed?

The only thing I'm finding offensive about the incident, so far, is the ageism that is becoming part of the argument.
Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
I'ts never a good look to see and old dude slobber over a girl on TV, but having said that, I'm just wondering if this was part of some publicity campaign?

I think it might be more about the announcer looking like a creepy old guy eyeing up the High School cheerleaders.
Again with the ageism. That old man should know his place, right?

Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
It wasn't the words he said, they were overall pretty innocuous. It was the excitement with which he said them.
I believe it was Musberger, announcing a Florida St. game, who seemed to be drooling over a fan in the stands years ago. Later, she turned out to be the one Brett Favre had his issues with. I think that association made it worse.
But then who really cares about any of that?
Still, being the non-PC person that I am, I don't think the network should have apologized. Musberger should have spoken to the family and offered his apology to them personally and in private if they were offended. It really isn't anyone else's issue.
For the record, Ms. Webb wasn't offended, but rather flattered.

Originally Posted by krz View Post
I'm down for the cause.

Looks like they are going to start shooting " a movie".
Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
I was deeply offended by Mr. Musburger's comments.

(wow, those cars drive really fast and ought to obey the posted speed limits. someone could get hurt)
Hey, no way you could have made it from your cave, to the interstate then back to your cave in that amount of time. Or have you recently moved into new, under-viaduct housing?
Remember this, you are lucky to have lived during the golden age of beer (except Guinness, Heineken and Sam Adams).
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