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Originally Posted by Rafaboy View Post
People keep implying this, but can we also consider that if the pro did use this, it would change his game immensly to the point that his shots would be unreturnable?
I don't agree and I think most on here would not agree. The game is much much more then just spin. We are talking 10-15% more spin.....that would still put 99% of players RPM number below Rafa's RPM numbers. And players have learned to deal with his shots.....not easily but it is his weapon. 10% would still not put pros in the Rafa ballpark with spin RPM. Why would Djok want to add more spin from a string pattern? When he wants to spin a ball under the right situation he does so with his form. I would be quite a bit of money that not a single pro these day would even consider playing a 16x15 pattern, heck, very few play 16x18.
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