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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
Please kill me. Your saying its not happening now? I hear junior coaches trying to teach strategy against big huge pace and spin. You can bet fed and all the rest of atp is thinking about this and not just blastinf balls. Please some coach set this guy straight. Balla? Anyone? Yandel? I'm sure jy has strategy in his coaching.
Arche - you have to remember that Sureshs opinions are coloured by his version of reality, he has acknowledged that his tennis skills and knowledge have been built up by reading internet sites and watching tennis on TV. Sadly watching tennis on TV gives you no idea of the intention of the shot you are watching, so unless you have either experience of playing at that level yourself, or teaching to that level, or taking lessons from somebody who has your version of reality is rather skewed.

As a general rule I have stopped trying to debate with Sureshs, his posts generally illustrate that his mind is closed
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