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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
How do you know he means over the ball?
You can also hit i/o on the top half of the ball by swinging right to left.
I'm only concerned with movement in a plane parallel to the court. vertical plane movement obviously affects high/low the ball will travel - but that is beside the point.

To clarify: 12 on a ball is pointing toward the opposite court, 3 is toward the right fence, and so on.

I'm asking how is it physically possible to contact the ball past 6 (which you must do for inside out FH) while the plane of the racket face is moving from right to left (which what would be happening if one were to be pulling the racket in during the swing).

p.s. obviously if the 'pulling/yanking happens only after the contact - than it is a different story. but it would also mean the pulling/yanking has no affect on the ball as the contact has already happened.
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