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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
Where have you been able to find them so cheap? They are one of my favorite frames to play with, but finding them under 250$ has been a tough task for me. That being said I did get my bumblebee rad tours cheap which I find play very similar.

$250.00? The closest I've come to that is for what the seller has termed as a nearly new PT630 (Austrian/Czech)... Honestly, Fuji, I've purchased 3 in the past 6 mo. for no more than $130.00 per racquet (the best one being in 9.0+ for $100.00) on the electronic bay. Beyond that, recall a few on the auction site sitting there for $100.00 (or there abouts) with no buyers. That being said, during this period, also recall a few going for $150.00+ for the same racquet, in worse condition. So, I guess, you have to be somewhat patient - but not overly so thankfully.
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