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Originally Posted by Arvid View Post
The 5th racket from the left, a pro one international, is it super mid or oversize, and how does it play? Have come across some new ones and i curious to know what they are like if i should buy one. //Arvid
It is an oversize, and it plays very well indeed... What I like is that it has nice heft, while the sw is quite low. So it's solid but very easy to whip around for good spin. I measured the flex to 63, and it feels neither stiff nor very flexy. Possibly it plays slightly softer than the specs indicate, which is something I don't mind. (I love my old Rossignols with a flex in the 30s...) Very comfortable all in all.

I used it as my main racquet for a little while, and as you probably can tell from above, I like it a lot. Depending on your preference, it could probaly benefit from a little bit of lead to bring the sw up a little bit.

Weight: 347 g/11.73 oz
Flex: 63
SW: 316
Balance: 32.25 cm

Btw, it reminds me of the 1998 Head TT Radical OS.
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