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yes. I agree with that. But all you are doing, by laying the wrist, catching the ball 'late' and more on the side - is trying to negate the effect of right to left movement of the racket, no? Because that is the only way to have the racket contact the ball past 6 oclock mark.
If so - why would you than advocate the pulling/yanking if all the rest of the movement (as you have described) is solely to 'undo' what that yanking would normally do??

(sorry, it is not easy to depict in words, I hope you get the point).
Bounce the ball up in teh air with your racquet like you're doing "ups". the ball goes "up" because the face of teh racquet is up, not because your arm is moving up. Now, do your "ups" and then turn the racquet towards the side fence. The ball does not go up, even though your arm is moving up.. bottom line, the ball goes where the strings are pointed..It is very easy to swing across and hit down the line or inside out. The racquet head just lags a bit more.