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Originally Posted by chico9166 View Post
Bounce the ball up in teh air with your racquet like you're doing "ups". the ball goes "up" because the face of teh racquet is up, not because your arm is moving up. Now, do your "ups" and then turn the racquet towards the side fence. The ball does not go up, even though your arm is moving up.. bottom line, the ball goes where the strings are pointed..It is very easy to swing across and hit down the line or inside out. The racquet head just lags a bit more.
Wrong. The racket head will follow thru with extension towards the target (CC or DTL) before it turns over, maintaining an almost vertical string plane. It is all in the contact. The ball doesn't care if the racket is lagging or not, or how how the racket moves after contact.

A former pro and famous coach, Peter Burwash, explained in a Tennis Mag article last year how eyes are deceiving. High swing speeds make the casual observer think the pros are not extending through the ball, which is debunked with slow motion video. He also cautioned that rec players employing abrupt across motion produce ineffective strokes and injure themselves.

Peter is a (verified) pro from around Oscar's time whose tournament career record is up for all to see, and owns a huge coaching and management chain and has coached thousands of players. Unlike anonymous coaches here, you can see what he puts it writing and stands by it.
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