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2012 Wimbledon

Federer - 38.4%
Djokovic - 32.9%

Federer - 30.6%
Murray - 25.7%

2012 London Olympics

Murray - 34.2%
Djokovic - 27.6%

Murray - 29.7%
Federer - 12.1%

Now here is a group of matches without any of the problems discussed above. The venue and surface did not change; the matches took place just one month apart; and the style of play was basically the same, from all three players.

There was a large dropoff in the quality of Federer's play, between the Wimbledon final and the Olympic final. Murray's quality of play was very similar in both matches; and in the Olympic final Murray's level was arguably just as high as what Federer had achieved in the Wimbledon final.

Djokovic experienced a bit of a dropoff at the Olympics -- but not a large one -- if you compare his losses to Federer and to Murray.

Murray, unlike Federer and Djokovic, raised his level of play, going from Wimbledon to the Olympics. And Murray's level of play when he defeated Djokovic was extremely high, almost the highest in the whole group of matches.

The highest performance of all was nevertheless Federer's, in his Wimbledon semifinal over Djokovic.

The roof was closed throughout that match, which is the one change in conditions that I can think of, among these matches. (It was also closed for the last part of the Wimbledon final.) Indoor conditions tend to help Federer; and though I cannot prove it statistically, I would expect AM's to be higher indoors. AM's are generally higher in faster conditions because it's easier to hit winners and to force your opponent into errors.

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