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Originally Posted by RogerRacket111 View Post
Go out and try to hit some 1HBH that is head high you will know. I have been playing 1HBH for a long time its not a myth. I have been told I have a very good 1HBH but if I had a chance to start over I would prefer 2HBH.
I do play with a 1hbh and yes, I do tee off on head height balls. This is the height where I prefer to hit off my 1hbh - but it's a shame most people don't hit that high to me.

The reason I made this thread was because I play a 1hbh and feel great about high balls, so I'm confused about why people say it sucks for high balls. A while ago I tried the 2hbh, and for me it was a nightmare. Had to bunt the ball back once it got either too high or too low or too wide - I felt very restricted.

Anyway, try the chin ups, rows and reverse flyes - strengthen the hell out of the upper back and posterior shoulder musculature and let me know how you get on then with high 1hbh's...
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