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Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
While understanding an appreciation or even preference for the new, is there a better value in tennis racquets than the Austrian made Pro Tours 280/630s?

I know this frame is very well liked on this board, but trying to foster discussion in another way - that is cost effectiveness of these sticks. Here, in the U.S., I haven't found a better stick for the $100-125.00 these go for in 8.0+. Anyone else actually prefer these to the PT57As, either on its own or in full consideration that they cost 1/4 the cost of the latter?

So what do you guys think? Any other uber-value/performance suggestions?
not to beat a dead horse or being a snob, but there are noticable difference between the austrian 630s and 280. There's that "buttery" feel that you dont find from today's harsh feeling rackets. Most racket freaks i talk to all agree to one thing - they dont make them like they use to - from the graphite quality to QA process. It is the main difference between those "elite" frames and frames in market now. As far as PT75 goes, you're buying them simply to claim you own a prostock.

As far as value, i dont think you'll find any racket in today's selection that's remotely close to a 630. Is not that you can or cannot customize to match the specs, they just dont feel the same. The closest to spec by number (without actually playing with it) is the PK Redondo MP.

In short, you just cannot expect the craftsmanship of a 630 in today's market. You'll have to accept today's frames for what they are and test them out.
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